474 – Interruptions

What happens when we are engaged in a task and we are interrupted? Do we get upset, angry, enraged? We are victim to all these feelings and some of us get so disturbed that our thought process is involved with the disturbance and our day is shot to pieces. Our system succumbs to the fight-flight-fright response and the quality of our task is affected.

It happened to me all the time and still does. I have found a method of not letting the disconnections upset me. I work in my dining room. I have a door which opens out to a tiny balcony. Our neighbor is constantly constructing in his house, and he happens to be a very rich man. He makes and breaks. I looked up in our literature and found that there were many plants which blocked negativity. I planted bamboo, bananas, pomegranates, and holy Basle. The plants grew, the bamboo became a bush, the bananas were fruiting and so where the pomegranates’ birds were singing loudly to make the fruit ripen.

My husband would still grit his teeth at the noise, but he also became appreciative of the plants and cut the noise out of his mind. It was not easy and finding a solution to frequent noises and intrusions is difficult. We also order many things from Amazon and therefore the bell rings frequently. Then there are calls from marketers I tell myself that it is good for me to get up and answer the door, as after my surgery I should not sit for too long.

Meditate in a noisy place

It is not easy to make interruptions part of one’s life. If we do not, then we can become very angry people. Anger makes one tired and sets up a chain of thoughts which influence our productivity. Swami Satyananda said that meditation was best done in a noisy place and not in a cave. Being alone in a cave would lead to tamasic behavior because our mind and thoughts would be rambling.

Look upon the interruptions as a part of your spiritual practice. When you find that you remain calm and productive in an intrusive situation, then you have won a battle. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, for a while, listen to the sounds without identifying them and then resume your activity.

Aim Hrim Klim

Foto von Elyas Pasban auf Unsplash

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