485 – Nuggets about Astrology

What is the connection between planets and our body parts? What gems and colors should we use to help ourselves?

The Sun effects our bones, joints, skin, right eye, spleen and stomach.

The Moon effects our heart, mind, brain, esophagus, alimentary canal, lungs, left eye, breast, blood and other body fluids.

Mars effects our bone marrow, red blood corpuscles in blood, veins in the neck, genitalia and left cerebral hemisphere.

Mercury effects our tongue, face, ears, nose, navel, mouth, hair, bronchial tubes, nervous system, lungs and chest, right cerebral hemisphere.

Jupiter effects super naturals, thighs, lungs, spleen brain, liver, kidneys and fat.

Venus effects our face, eyes, throat, genitalia, kidneys, uterus, ovaries, glands and reproductive organs.

Saturn effects our teeth, joints, hands, legs vagus nerve, bones and hair.

Rahu, shadow planet effects neck, legs, pituitary gland and respiratory system.

Ketu, south node of the moon, effects lungs, joints, pineal gland and abdomen.

Protection from planetary influences. Gems worn for protection and offerings.

Gems and planets

Sun–Ruby. Worship of the sun should be done with red flowers and saffron colored items. The day is Sunday.

Moon–Pearl. Worship of the moon is done with white flowers and the day is Monday.

Mars–Red and pink coral. The red in mars represents violence and deficiency or excess of red blood corpuscles. Prescribed herbs are turmeric and onions. The day is Tuesday.

Mercury–Emerald. The green color is good for people suffering from problems and pregnant women. Green Tulsi is recommended for such problems. The day is Wednesday.

Jupiter–Yellow sapphire, carnelian. The color is yellow or yellowish orange and it energizes the nervous system. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew and yellow flowers are prescribed and the day is Thursday, day of the Guru.

Venus–Diamond, quartz crystal, white zircon. The color is pure white, which is a spectrum of all colors. Venus represents sophistication and love. Prescribed for Venus related problems are jasmine, lotus, lily and aloe vera. The day is Friday.

Saturn–Blue sapphire, Tiger’s eye. The color is black or extreme violet. Black is a calming color for agitated persons and is known for its protective properties. Trifala and comfrey root are used. Saturn related problems are of a dark nature, obstructions, enmity, depression and resistance. The day for Saturn is Saturday.

Rahu–Hessonite. The color is smoky and treatment for Rahu related problems is camphor, sandalwood and lotus. Sunday and Thursday are the days.

Ketu–cat’s eye. The color is brown and treatment of issues related to Ketu is treated by juniper, wild ginger and bay leaves. Sunday and Thursday.

Rahu-Ketu puja is performed together.

It is difficult to understand the complexity of the planets. What I do know is that if we can purify our left and right nadis through our breath awareness, our kundalini will rise in Sushumna and we will be in control of our thoughts and mind.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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