510 – A Dharani prayer

What is the real meaning of a Dharani prayer, which says,

Rupam dehi Jayam dehi, yaso devi dvisso Jahi.

O devi please grant me (spiritual) beauty, (spiritual) victory, (spiritual) glory and please destroy my inner enemies.

This is the refrain in the Argalastrotam of Devimahatmyam. It is described as Dharani and it is a sacred Sanskrit phrase of great efficacy, used as a verbal protective device or talisman and as a support for concentration. It is a tantric mantra that first praises the deity and then begs for assistance in an imperative mode. It is a consistent refrain.

Give the form, give the victory, give the glory, kill the enemies.

The meaning is that Rupa means beauty as well as form. The reciter is asking that the divine mother reveal her indwelling presence as with the beauty of self-knowledge. Next the refrain requests the assurance of success in spiritual endeavor, in other words, victory over the deluding power of maya. With such victory should come glory—a state of spiritual bliss—as well as the destruction of all forces hostile to the sadhaka’s efforts.

When we pray to the Goddess and chant a Dharani, we beg for support and cooperation in our pursuit of truth and piety.

Reference: Devimahtmyam; Translator and Commentator Devadatta Kali

Aim Hrim Klim


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