509 – The umbrella of self-love

The umbrella of love is the new kind of self-love. What is the significance of the umbrella? God is the ultimate umbrella of protection over all of us. Protection arises from love.

What is self-love? Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself from having a high regard for one’s own wellbeing. Self-love is not inclusive and therefore to understand a new kind of self-love, which is an umbrella, let us examine this quote by C. S. Lewis.

It is God’s long-term policy, I fear, to restore to them a new kind self-love-a charity and gratitude for all selves including their own; when they have really learnt to love their neighbor as themselves, they will be allowed to love themselves, as their neighbors.

C. S. Lewis was an academic, a famous writer and an active Christian in the Church of England. He wrote the Chronicles of Narnia, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, to name a few. Many of us have read his books and are still reading them. They always had a spiritual message. They have been translated in many languages. His writings on spirituality were very enlightening and have influenced many of us.

Taking a cue from his quote and let us examine self-love. Currently it has become very fashionable to say that one loves oneself. Of course, one must have love and respect for oneself. The reminder is to love your neighbor and from that source love for oneself emerges. When one looks at another, then one should see a reflection of oneself. It is a mirror image and keeping this thought in mind it encompasses compassion, charity and empathy.

It is also wonderful to appreciate that all Gurus are on the same page, and I will end with a Greek proverb:

Great minds think alike.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

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