574 – Mother Earth

What is the idea behind prayers to Mother Earth?

Samudra – Vasane Devi Parvata – Stana – Manndale I
Vissnu – Patni namas – Tubhyam Paada – Sparsham Kssamasva – Me II


(Oh, Mother Earth) O Devi, you who have the oceans as your garments, and mountains as your bosom.
O consort of Lord Vishnu, Salutations to you; Please forgive my touch of the feet (on earth, which is your holy body).

Pachamama Prayer

Pachamama… Earth Mother… in grateful silence, I breathe… then through your ears, I am listening… to pigeon coo and wind… whistling through dry leaves… to sandstone reforming. I seek to merge with love, the knowledge that you are. Breathe it in. Let my prayers be heard. Let them reflect back in love.

We are thankful and we give in order to receive. Pachamama? Mother Earth grants us air to breathe, water to quench our thirst and food to eat without demanding anything in return.

Aim Hrim Klim


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