640 – A saint is an influencer

Who is a saint? He/She is an influencer. This word influencer has been coined by the internet and we allow the influencers to manipulate us. However, a saint is an individual, who does no such thing. He/She is not a crowd puller, only the actions and deeds speak for themselves. If we are guided by even one virtue and we can emulate even one quality of the Saint Influencer, we connect with the divinity within us. A saint is not an individual who is judged by his/her followers.

Every saint is a spiritual lighthouse from whom emanates the rays of selflessness, cosmic love and faith in God, wisdom and peace. A saint bears the torch of perfect understanding. A saint suffers and in the midst of all suffering, h/she keeps his/her mind unruffled. He/She lives in the ocean of great peace. Will to suffer for others is a strong weapon in the hands of saints. It is noble to live and suffer for the good of others which transforms mind into God. There is majesty in enduring suffering. The hallmarks of all seers are the same, compassion, selflessness, purity, openness, egoless-ness, renunciation, tolerance and above all returning good for evil. Fearlessness and steady fastness are common in all saints.

Cease to be influencers

My dear ones, these are high standards as given by Swami Sivananda. It is possible for us to follow him if we love, serve and give. We only have to look upon others uncritically and accept them. It is our thoughts which control us and we can free ourselves from their clutches by being aware of our breath and of the prana, within our breath. When we practice breath awareness, we are able to neutralize our thoughts and when this happens, they cease to be influencers.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by dlxmedia.hu on Unsplash

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