653 – Silence Sadhana

God or Brahman is supreme silence.
Soul is silence.
Peace is silence.
Silence is the language of the heart.
Silence is immense strength.
Silence is eloquence.
Silence is the only reality.

The goal of one’s life is silence. The purpose of one’s existence is silence. Behind all noises and sound is silence–one’s innermost soul. Silence is one’s real name. Silence helps the intuitional self to express itself. To go into silence is to become God.

When one’s heart is full, there is silence. Who can describe the glory of this silence? The silence that one enjoys during deep sleep and the silence that one experiences at dead of night give the clue to the existence of that ocean of silence or Brahman.

Pratyahara of Silence

If you do not allow the eyes to see objects, and you withdraw them from objects through the practice of pratyahara, this is silence of sight.
If you do not allow the ears to hear any sounds, it is silence of sound.
If you observe a Nirja (without water) fast, then it is the pratyahara of the tongue.
If you sit in a classical meditative pose without movement, it is silence of motion.

We seek silence of the mind. Our thoughts have to stop chattering with each other. Then only can we enjoy silence.

‘I don’t think— ‘, ‘Then you shouldn’t talk.‘ – Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland

Silence is learnt and it is possible to practice it by being aware of one’s inhalations and exhalations, and counting the breath backwards from 27 to 0.

Aim Hrim Klim


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