663 – Karmic Debt

My dear ones, I am going to share a brilliant piece on karmic debt. The writer Deep Kumar, who is an astrologer has given 9 signs which prove that you have paid your karmic debt.

Karma is a concept that states that our actions and decisions leave a mark on our ongoing life. When we pay off our karmic debt, we free ourselves from negative energy and open ourselves to spiritual growth.

1. A deep sense of gratitude

When one has paid off one’s karmic debt, one becomes aware of all the blessings and moments of happiness that come one’s way. One is filled with deep gratitude for every experience, both positive and negative, as each of them has helped one to become who one is now.

2. Disabling the ‘autopilot’ mode

When karmic debts are paid off, one stops living a superficial life and working on autopilot. One becomes aware of every decision one makes and becomes more responsible for one’s actions.

3. Synchronicity

Synchronous events become part of one’s daily life. One notices how events and people merge together, creating harmonious and wonderful coincidences. This is a sign that one is on the right path and one’s soul is in sync with the world around one.

4. Forgiveness is given to one more easily and willingly

One becomes able to forgive and release hurts. Understanding karma helps one to realize that anger and hatred only increase suffering. Forgiveness becomes the key to inner peace and liberation from the burden of the past.

5. Insignificance of external circumstances

One stops attaching great importance to material things and superficial measures of success. Instead, one focuses on one’s spiritual growth and harmony. One’s values change and one is no longer attached to the material world.

6. Dedicate oneself to one’s program

When the karmic debt is paid, one begins to realize one’s true nature. One devotes oneself completely to one’s life program and one becomes the creator of one’s reality.

7. Understanding the meaningless of materialism

One realizes that real happiness and fulfillment cannot be achieved through the pursuit of material wealth. Instead, one addresses the true value of spiritual development and harmony.

8. Live in the present

One is in a state of awareness, and one must live in the present moment. One stops living in the past or the future, freeing oneself from the burden of guilt and anxiety. The present becomes one’s only focus, which therefore enables one to enjoy every moment of one’s life.

9. Don’t be afraid of death

Understanding karma and the principle of the eternal life of the soul, helps one to accept death as a natural part of the life cycle. One is not afraid of dying, because one understands that the spiritual being continues its journey outside the physical body.

Spiritual realization

In a nutshell, paying off the karmic debt is an important step on the path of spiritual awareness. When one learns to be aware of the consequence of one’s actions, forgiveness and acceptance are the next step and living in the present is essential. One is then able to appreciate peace and joy within oneself. And this enables one to proceed on the path of spiritual realization.

Aim Hrim Klim


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