663 – Karmic Debt

My dear ones, I am going to share a brilliant piece on karmic debt. The writer Deep Kumar, who is an astrologer has given 9 signs which prove that you have paid your karmic debt.

Karma is a concept that states that our actions and decisions leave a mark on our ongoing life. When we pay off our karmic debt, we free ourselves from negative energy and open ourselves to spiritual growth. Continue reading

079 – I am a very sensitive person

I have heard so many people say that they are very sensitive, emotional and are hurt easily. The conversation is about them and not anyone else. I remember when we had a break in in our house. My friends and acquaintances came to console me. It was horrible as our children were only four years old and it was a sense of violation. The thieves had spent several hours sorting out what they wanted. Our dog, cat and us, slept through it. Next morning we found our back door open and everything strewn. Continue reading