664 – Speak with Love

So that it remains etched in Ether.

The ancient rishis in India believed that the divine aphorisms of the Vedas once uttered remained forever in the Aakash. Ether is the medium through which we can communicate with Gods using sound vibrations caused by the chanting of mantras and sacred syllables.

Vedic seers believed in the existence of three worlds, bhur, bhuva and svar. Bhur was the earth, Bhuva was the sky (ether) and Svar was the heavenly world. It was in the sky that gods displayed their awesome power. From the sky, they showered the rains causing vegetation and floods. At times they sent down meteors and lightning causing fear and destruction. It was also believed that after death men ascended to the world of gods and ancestors through the sky.

Aakash reflects several qualities of infinite Brahman. Like Brahman it is mysterious, formless, boundless, infinite, indestructible, beyond the mind and the senses. It envelops everything and exists in them also. It is smaller than the smallest and larger than the largest.

Ether, Aakash or space comes first because it is the subtlest of all the five elements. It is the source all the elements. It is the first element that comes first in Yogic and Ayurvedic thinking. Ether is without the firmness of earth, the coolness of water, the heat of fire or even the movement of wind. It is the essence of emptiness and interacts with them through its vibrations. It originates from shabda, which is the tanmatra of sound.

Words will remain in space

It is the primordial space from which a vibration emerges long before it takes the form of sound in the ear. Sound and ether are inseparable, so the ether is considered to be the sense organ of ether. The mouth is its organ of action. Hearing loss and loss of voice is the result of a disturbance in the functions of the ether element. Always think and speak, this is possible if one is aware of one’s inhalation, the pause after inhalation, then exhalation and then pause after exhalation. Your words will remain in space and you will accumulate more karmas.

Space is the matrix of Shakti. The Goddess Bhuveneswari, in her manifestation as the cosmic womb, is also the element of space, dwelling in the microcosmic space within the heart. The ether element is present in the body as the empty space between the cells. The hollowness of the empty intestines, bladder, blood vessels and the lungs are filled with ether. Fasting creates an inner space, a vacancy for the body to recuperate and repair, rest and heal itself.

Bhuvaneswari is considered the creator of the universe, who creates the power of love, space, gives freedom and breaks us free from attachments and suffering and she makes us believe that true love has no form. She fulfills all the wishes of her devotees.

Offerings to Ma Bhuveneswari

Red and white flowers are considered auspicious. Incense to create a conducive atmosphere for worship. Sweets and fruits of green color are offered as a symbol of devotion and gratitude. Chanting of Bhuvaneswari Mantra, Hreem.

Meditation on the form and qualities of Bhuveneswari

Visualize her as a beautiful woman with four arms seated on a lotus. She holds a noose, a goad, a book and a rosary in her four hands. The noose and goad represent control and guidance, the book symbolizes knowledge and the rosary represents her devotion to spiritual practice. Imagine her wearing red or green garments adorned with various ornaments. She is associated with the Mooladhara chakra and is believed to govern our sense of stability, security and survival.

Her Bija mantra is Hreem and is also known as Shakti Bija. Chanting the mantra on Tuesday is highly auspicious. One can wear green clothes for chanting. Use sesame oil for the lamp and offer green food as prasada.

When we speak unthinkingly and are cruel and vitriolic in our speech, we must remember that our words will remain in Aakash forever. Therefore, speak with love in your heart and atma bhava (love for fellow beings) so that it is etched in the firmament.

Aim Hrim Klim


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