667 – What is the right thing to do?

My dear ones, I feel very sad about the hunger that exists in the world. I can only write about myself and I hope that I am taking the correct action.

It is very simple, I run an NGO called TORCH. I have the most wonderful people helping me and my children are lovely. You see some of them on the picture above and you would want to love them all. They are tiny, between 3—8 and they live on the street with their parents. Yet they try their best to come as neatly and cleanly as possible. Their clothes are hung on the trees and they stay quite safe and do not always get stolen. They are happy with the little joys in life.

Now I come to the hard part. I am feeding cats which do not belong to me. They have been abandoned and they visit me on my tiny balcony. We have adopted the female as we are partial to girl cats. She is little thing and her name is Lulu Lola. We give her Meow, a Thai cat food which is very appreciated by cats all over the Asian sub-continent.

However, she brings two of her boy friends also and they all fight and eat on my balcony. My husband just laughs and is sympathetic to the boys. I spend a great deal of money on this food, and they will not eat home cooked food. So, I feel very foolish about it and console myself with saying that they are helpless. They are useless as hunters, and therefore I believe that they believe in Ahimsa.

Aim Hrim Klim

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