689 – Immortality of the soul

What does immortality of the soul mean?

The soul cannot be destroyed by any weapon, fire, water or death. It is immortal, everlasting, deathless, and eternal in form. It is permanent from time immemorial, and its presence is everywhere.

Through Sadhana one can discover one’s soul. The practice of Yoga is very essential for one. It gives peace and harmony. Union of Jiva (living being) and Brahman (ultimate reality) is Yoga. To distinguish between them is Adwaita, which is the cause of ignorance and cunningness. Adwait is when there is no difference between Jiva and Brahman.

When one learns to unite one’s atma with him/her self, h/she is granted patience and self-awareness.

According to Akhand Sutra, the indwelling human soul (Antar atma-Kundalini-Prana), comes from the core of the Sun God, Surya. The Antar atma is also called Aditi, the daughter-mother of Aditya. The soul enters the growing fetus around the twenty-second week of pregnancy, through the Brahman Dhara (anterior fontanel) of the head. The Antar atma helps the fetus to develop for a perfect spiritual experience of the person. This cycle goes on until the person has attained self-realization.

The spiritual experiences are stored in the causal body (Karana Shairira). Finally, the individual has a choice to continue or merge with the sun. A fully realized soul is called a God. Even the Gods have to go through the process of rebirths to attain Godhood.

Dear ones, I think that this is a beautiful explanation of the development of the Antar atma. What we need is a spiritual guide and a Guru to lead us.

Aim Hrim Klim


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