719 – Freedom from what?

True liberation is freedom from attachments, desires and fears. It is the Yogic path which will lead us. The passage to Nirodha, to the state of Samadhi is not an easy voyage. It requires sadhana, self-discipline and wholehearted commitment. The change from tamo guna and rajo guna to sattva guna is a basic step.

One has to develop para-vairagya, which is the realization of the true means to happiness and self-fulfillment. It is total detachment from one’s senses and to remain constantly detached. Then the state of Nirodha is best described as heightened awareness, and to be a seer of the internal and external world. It is the merging of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness (So Ham). The mind is silent and still.

The mantra for this is So Ham, which is the sound of one’s inhalation and exhalation. If one can be aware of one’s breath, counting backwards repeating the mantra So Ham and practicing ujjayi pranayama (contracting one’s throat after inhalation, holding breath, and then releasing the contraction and exhalation). This will enable one to ignore the vrittis (habitual motions of thoughts).

Does one seek liberation from fears, desires, and attachment in order to be actually free? Ask yourself this question.

Krishna says in the Bhagwad Gita, that one who neither hates nor desires the fruits of his activities is known to be always renounced. Such an individual free from all dualities, easily overcomes material bondage, and is completely liberated.

Freedom and liberation arise when we are free of our thoughts.

Aim Hrim Klim


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