718 – What are the 5 states of Chitta?

What is Chitta? It means our feelings because they can go either outward to awareness of ego, which creates lower aspects of the mind or inward and upward, to higher consciousness qualities like self-control, devotion and calmness. It is our subjective feelings and emotions which can convert into objective feelings.

  1. Kshipta represents a turbulent state of mind dominated by Rajo guna.
  2. Moodha is characterized by Tamo Guna’s inertia.
  3. Vikshipta is when self-inspection occurs and one seeks serenity.
  4. Ekagra represents the integration of the mind with predominance of Satva guna.
  5. Nirodha is the ultimate state of calm.

How can one pass through each stage? It is only the Yogic Sadhana which can guide us.

Aim Hrim Klim


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