765 – Sacred animals

All gods have Vahanas (transport) and they are animals and birds. Since they are used as a means of transport, they are considered sacred. The beast or bird which is the Vahana, the vehicle also indicates the temperament of the God.

Krishna has a bird called Garuda. Garuda is an eagle.

Varuna rides a crocodile as he is the God of Water.

Indra rides Airavata the elephant with six tusks.

Durga rides a tiger.

Shiva rides a bull called Nandi and he has a serpent round his neck. In his Ugra (fearsome) form he is known as Bhairava, he is always seen with dogs.

Ganesha rides a mouse.

Kartike’s vahana is a peacock.

There is a turtle in front of Shiva temples and the reason is that a true yogi can control his/her senses like a turtle which withdraws into its shell. However, the river Goddess Yamuna has a turtle as her Vahana.

The Goddess Ganga has a half fish-half elephant as her Vahana. It is called a Makar.

Brahmas and Saraswati’s vahana is a swan.

Vishnu’s vahana is Garuda and when he is in Yoga Nidra, he is resting on the Shesha Naga, the king of the serpents.

Lakshmi is seen with two white elephants, and she is known as Gaj Vahini and thought to be sitting on a white elephant.

Surya has a seven horsed chariot and Chandra has an antelope-driven chariot.

The Gods of love are Kamadev and Rati. He sits on a parrot, and she sits on a mynah. Kama represents lust and romance, and Rati represents erotica.

My dear ones, we consider all our animals special and since they are carriages for the Gods, we consider them sacred. Again, we must respect Mother Earth.

Aim Hrim Klim


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