766 – The Creator

  1. As A is of every alphabet the primordial letter
    So is God the world’s very fount and progenitor
  2. Your learning is idle, incomplete
    If you haven’t placed it at that source’s feet
  3. Long lives the ones who embraces the feet
    Of him who graces the Holy Flower’s seat
  4. Those who see he’s from craving free
    Can walk on earth as free as he
  5. Who in god’s praise builds his life
    Protects his home from care and strife
  6. Those who follow him who has conquered the senses five
    Live a long and good life and its trial survive
  7. None may the mind’s great torment meet
    Save in the refuge of his redemptive feet
  8. You cannot at redemption’s shore arrive
    Unless to attain his grace, you strive
  9. Who stands unawed by the versatility of God
    I’d call, I am sorry, a mindless clod
    If you’d cross the sea of birth and death
    Seek at god’s feet his grace’s wealth.

Tirukkural composed sometime between 2 BCE and 5 CE by Tiruvalluvar. He is considered as the composer of a literary and philosophical masterpiece. Kural means in Tamil short and each of the verses explain to the reader about life.

Dear ones, the meaning is awareness, detachment and to be an observer. If one is diligent in one’s sadhana, the spiritual path becomes a way of life.

Aim Hrim Klim


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