775 – Our Mother Earth

  1. ‘I’ve no water or air,
    I am a ball of fire. Don’t come near.
    You can’t live here.
    Here, it’s no fun,’
    So said the hot Sun.
  2. ‘I’ve no water or air,
    You can’t stay here.
    But for the Sun’s light,
    I won’t shine bright.
    I’m but stone and mud.’
    The Moon cried and said.
  3. ‘I’ve no water or air.
    Will your life can bear,
    With nothing for sustenance,
    My hollow existence?
    Stay where you’re,’
    Said the planet Jupiter.
  4. ’We’ve no water or air.
    What’s there to share?
    Nothing but the death,
    With no further birth,
    The Venus, the Mars and the Saturn.
    Said in their turn.
  5. ‘Admission only for Angels,
    And not for body, but souls,’
    Said the sign board,
    Kept aside the road.
    The Heaven said, ‘Sorry,’
    When I went with my body.
  6. ‘Why do you go elsewhere,
    When I’m down here?’
    Said my mother earth.
    ‘To you, I’ve given birth,
    With your body and soul,
    To enjoy and play your role.’
  7. Yes, Mother, what isn’t there,
    For us, on this earth, to share?
    Free food, water and air,
    Everything looks so fair,
    Thank God, for what we have
    And grieve not, for what
    We don’t have. – Rajaram Ramchandran

Prithvi is a Sanskrit term and means earth. Earth is a part of the five elements of which the physical universe is composed of. Earth in our body represents everything that is dense and solid. Think of bones, teeth, muscles and fat. Prithvi is always referred to in the feminine gender and she is thought of as a Hindu Goddess.

The year is ending. Where are we, where do we wish to be? The elements are earth, water, fire, air and space. We are expected to purify our tattvas (elements) and this in turn purifies the universe. If we do not practice Tattva Shuddhi then the wars will continue and, in their wake, we will have famine and illness.

My dear ones, let us save mother earth together by just following what Swami Sivananda said, love, serve and give.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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