851 – Annapurna Devi Meditation

Annapurna and Shiva

Annapurna and Shiva

Annapurna Stut

O Girija—the daughter of the Himalaya Mountains, who is sitting on a semi-circular altar bedecked with pearls amidst Mandara (red hibiscus), Parijat (night jasmine) flowers, sandalwood and Kalpa—the wish fulfilling trees. Her eyes are half open. Her forehead is like a holy moon. I am hungry, please give me alms (wisdom, knowledge, and blessings).
O Girija—the daughter of the Himalaya Mountains, who is wearing a bracelet on her arms, necklace on her neck, waistband on her waist, ear-studs on her ears, whose upper cloth is furnished with bands of tiny jingle bells and ornaments. She has a golden ladle with rice-payasam in the hand. I am hungry, give me alms (blessings).
O Girija—the daughter of the Himalaya Mountains, you are one in whom the sound—representing the three worlds (Bhu, Bhuvah, Suvah) is present, she is the one who is having a crescent as an ornament on her tender body, she is the one who is ever-living in the extensive, spacious abode of Lord Shambhu. She is the only one who can remove the afflictions of sorrow, fear, and poverty. Crushed am I, please give me alms (of knowledge).

Visualize the Goddess sitting on a crescent alter, covered in pearls. She is surrounded by the red hibiscus flowers and white, night jasmine. The night jasmine which flowers only at night has an orange stem. Experience the fragrance. The fragrance of Sandalwood is wafting and the wish fulfilling trees are around her. Her forehead is glowing like the moon. She is wearing jewellery, which is beautiful. Gold and ruby bracelets on her arms, emerald necklace, a belt studded with rubies and emeralds, ear rings in her ears. Her scarf has tiny golden jingling bells. She holds a golden ladle in her hands, with this ladle she gives to her loved ones what they want. Hear the tinkling of the bells. See her as the Goddess of compassion, the wife of Shiva and daughter of the Mountains. She is all in all.

Aim Hrim Klim

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