873 – Hearken

Through your ears to hear, to listen and to understand
Is to make gold of grain and golden grain of sand.
Only when what’s to be got from listening has been got
May one turn to what from eating may be brought.
Offerings turn stone to Gods
Listening makes humans of gastropods.
Learn by listening if from reading you cannot
That’ll be the staff from which your grip on life is got.

Extracts from Tirukkural, composed in Tamil by Tiruvalluvar sometime between 2BCE and 5 BCE. Translated by Gopalkrishna Gandi.

If we listen to the songs of the birds, the sound of rain drops, the blowing of the wind, and the sound made by burning fire, we use our senses and yet become aware of the power of the sound, water, air and fire element. We become grounded and treat Mother Earth with respect.

Dear ones, if we are mindful to what we hear in Satsang and use that knowledge then we will become self-aware.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash

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