932 – Confrontation and Compassion

Living in this world, we are exposed to daily acts of compassion and confrontation. When one reads the newspaper or reads the news on the net or screen, news flashes past.

My morning started with my two wild cats coming for breakfast. One of them is an abandoned Burmese cat. He is enormous and handsome. My other cat is a female and she is the daughter of an abandoned Abyssinian. I know, many of you of will think that how is it possible that such beautiful cats have been forsaken. And look at the irony they have come to my balcony.

Word has gone around, and I have many feline guests, especially after our dachshund died. Well, I was happy to see them and I fed them both. But what happened was funny and I wondered if all males were like this. He ate and then spat at her and she cowered. She is the one who calls him everyday and she leaves food for him. So, love and aggression.

The good news first and then the bad news. There is cure for a very unusual kind of epilepsy. The boy who has been given this treatment can now have a normal life of a teenager. In USA, a women tried to drown two kids in a residential complex pool, in the presence of their mother, because they were of a different faith and were from Palestine. Both persons live in the same building.

Ram’s name awakens spiritual consciousness

Just hearing or reading about such matters, makes one think how can one do something so evil. One cannot avoid these subjects, what should we do. Prayers are very powerful. Saying God’s name can remove the anger and add to the well of compassion in one’s heart. For example, Hai or Hey Ram, means calling God for help or Jai Ram means victory to Rama. The meaning of the word Rama is ram—which means “stop, stand still, rest, rejoice or be pleased.” It also means pure awareness and the repetition of Ram’s name awakens spiritual consciousness. As Hindus, we are always saying one or the other.

Dealing with such issues, one can be empathetic. It is also said that one can feel anger at the Ajna Chakra and not react. If one expresses one’s frustration from the mooladhara chakra, then it becomes a problem for one and one’s thoughts. Saying Rama’s name with faith will banish that contrary and violent state of mind.

Swami Sivananda, said that if one could not do any Yoga Sadhana, saying the name of Rama was sufficient. It would lead to a peaceful coexistence.

Aim Hrim Klim


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