932 – Confrontation and Compassion

Living in this world, we are exposed to daily acts of compassion and confrontation. When one reads the newspaper or reads the news on the net or screen, news flashes past.

My morning started with my two wild cats coming for breakfast. One of them is an abandoned Burmese cat. He is enormous and handsome. My other cat is a female and she is the daughter of an abandoned Abyssinian. I know, many of you of will think that how is it possible that such beautiful cats have been forsaken. And look at the irony they have come to my balcony. Continue reading

654 – A Hindu Ashram

Traditionally a Hindu Ashram is where the Guru lives with her/his family. People visit the Ashram to seek guidance and spiritual wisdom. Ashrams were founded as Hindu hermitages or places of seclusion. Ashrams play a very important role in Hindu culture. They are centers of spirituality and self-development and self-awareness. Continue reading