018 – The day for Shiva

Today is Monday, and it is the day for Shiva.

Close your eyes and visualise Shiva. He is blue in colour, he has a serpent wrapped around his neck. The Ganga is cascading down from his head. He has his pet bull, Nandi by his side. There is a crescent moon nesting in his top knot. He is holding a trident.

He can be atop Mount Kailash meditating, unaffected by the weather. He is wearing a tiger skin, which is an illusion. He is full of love for his disciples. His only demand is purity of heart and he grants a boon. He has many forms, and is the God of Dance, Animals and Yoga. In all his incarnations, he is Parvati’s consort.

When you meditate on Shiva, and chant Om Namaha Shivaya, you are restoring balance to the tattvas, which comprise you.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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