025 – Our heart rules our head

This saying is said in a very derogatory manner. If you are gentle, you are called soft hearted, if you are afraid, faint hearted, if you feel for the deprived, you are a bleeding heart. What we tend to forget is that our soul resides in our heart. Our soul is pure and we can be evil incarnate but our soul remains pure.

And the Mother Goddess resides in our heart. We pride ourselves on our mind and if someone says that his /her mind rules the heart we take it as a compliment. My Guru describes the mind as the destructive principle and intellect is the way to the devil. The heart is the creative principle and is the way of God.


The heart works on our relationships and enables us to build solid and long unconditional closeness. When the mind steps in, we are judgemental, uncompassionate and we think what is in there for me. The intellect sweet talks convincingly and seeks the ulterior motive. The heart is empathetic, fearless and is the source of selflessness and sincerity. Therefore through the functioning of the heart we are stable and grounded. To lead a spiritual life we have to overcome our selfishness and me-ness.

By practicing our daily sadhana of pranayama and japa, it is possible to reduce our me-ness and think in a free and proactive manner.

Aim Hrim Klim.


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