072 – Guilt

We all suffer from guilt. It is part of our personality. If we were free of guilt we would not be motivated to accomplish anything. We survive through guilt and evolve through it. However there is a stage in life when one can be free of guilt, and there will not be any hindrance to one’s mental and emotional growth.

There are many kinds of guilt. Familial neglect, parental neglect, neglect of relationships, and neglect of one’s faith. The last is a very powerful form of guilt and it can strike us anytime. It is not guilt about ritual and form, it is about the development of your spiritual core. Therefore how do you handle this guilt.

The practice of Antar Mouna helps you to redeem yourself. You close your eyes, you sit absolutely still and witness your thoughts. No engagement with the thoughts. When you become impartial, you can analyse your guilt. You will find that sometimes the guilt is very deep rooted. You will have to do the practice daily until you find that you are guilt free. Always remember that you will be a detached witness in the practice.

Aim Hrim Klim


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