073 – Real Wealth

“He enjoys peace, who is endowed with samata (affinity), who is free from raag-dvesh (likes and dislikes), and harsh-sokaj (exhilaration and depression). Samata is supreme wealth. Man tries to amass wealth but vairagya (detachment) is the supreme wealth which blows out all other wealth. All our wealth is straw for a man of Vairagya.” – Swami Sivanananda.

Is it so difficult for us to cultivate detachment, neutrality, and compassion. Step by step. Balance your Prana with Anuloma Viloma. Visualize your breath flowing in and out of the left nostril. Do it to the count of 27, backwards. Now visualize the breath flowing in and out of your right nostril. Repeat the breathing. Now visualize the breath flowing in and out of both nostrils. 54 times backwards. Once your nostrils are unblocked, your Prana flows and restores balance to your left and right hemispheres. You have for the time being performed a neutral activity. Your body is performing its normal functions. Your thoughts are quiet. No interaction is happening. Whatever you do now, you are in a balanced frame of mind. You are on the path to becoming a witness.

Aim Hrim Klim


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