080 – Work

How do we view work? I remember as a child when I was asked to do work, I felt that I was being treated like a slave. I read a lot and I could never stop reading once I started. So for me when I was told to clean my room, iron my uniform, I felt that I was being exploited like the slaves of Sparta. My father said that it was important for us to learn how to work as one never knew where life would take us.

Work applied to studies also and to study in the holidays. I was a rebellious child and I felt that I was being denied the joys of the holiday as I had to write a timetable and had to put in several hours of reading newspapers, and writing summaries. Now I understand the value of work. I spent so much time grumbling in my childhood, but I did the tasks. In hindsight there was miscommunication from my father. If it had been explained in an endearing way then I would have understood the importance of what he said. I reacted to this and it was after my marriage and my exposure to my Guru, I understood about Karya (work).

We do our best

Swamiji said that work would become a source of happiness if the spirit can recognize it as a steppingstone towards the path of Samadhi. Karma is an outlet to our mixed samskaras. Karma perfects our soul. It is a yoga or a method of self-control. So how do we view our work. If we attend to whatever we are doing without being critical and endeavouring to do our best, we will find that we will enjoy the task and we will not be tired or full of resentment.

Sometimes we have no choices, we do not like our job, but we cannot find another job. What can we do? We have to earn money to support ourselves, we can become neutral and do our best. Because we are the ones who suffer if we stress ourselves with our lack of choice. We can look upon the situation as a stepping stone and a solution will appear. Awareness and our practice of Anuloma Viloma (visualizing the breath flowing in and out of your nostrils) will help. There is no magic remedy, but your belief in your sadhana will enable you to be at peace.

Aim Hrim Klim


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