099 – Do you know your own self

Do you know your own self as well as you know your own house. You know where everything is in place in your home. You know your bookshelves, what is in your kitchen, in your cupboard. When you lay the table, you take the cutlery out of the drawers, place the plates, etc. There is no confusion in your mind. If you invite someone for a meal, you may take out your grandma’s lace tablecloth and your mother’s silver. Your writing desk, what is in the drawers, your files, your clips, stapler, everything is in place. You know where your cheque books are kept, have an idea how much you have in the bank. You are very familiar with your home.

Now are you so friendly and familiar with your body, mind, and spirit. You have lived in your body from the time of your birth, your conception in the womb. Are you aware who you are? Are you aware of what your eyes see, ears hear, sense of smell, taste, and speech? How do you digest all this? You use the word frequently, I know my mind, I am determined, but how well do you know your mind. Your mind is digressing all the time, it is like a moth hovering over a flame. Easily distracted. Your awareness is restricted and it is centred on your likes, dislikes, ambitions, desires, and expectations. Your thoughts are your influencers.

What should we do now?

If we wish to tread on the spiritual path, change ourselves, we have to strengthen our will power. Sadhana is the way. First practice lying down in Shava Asana. Close your eyes lightly. Become aware of your breathing. Normal spontaneous breath. You will practice abdominal breathing. Now when you inhale, your abdomen will expand, as your diaphragm is pushing down. When you exhale your abdomen will contract. Practice 11 times. Now become aware of your chest expanding, when you inhale and when you exhale, your chest contracts. Practice 11 times. Now when you inhale, your chest expands and your abdomen expands. When you exhale, your chest contracts, and your abdomen contracts. Practice 54 times, counting backwards. Do it twice a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to sleep. You are learning awareness, and detachment. You are concentrating on your breath and counting it. Therefore your body is uninfluenced by your thoughts as they are quiet. The daily practice will enable you to proceed to more advanced sadhanas.

Aim Hrim Klim


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