116 – Why is worship of God in a form important

Swamiji has given a wonderful explanation of worship of God as either formless or with a form. Nirakaar is formless and nobody can dispute the statement as no one has seen God. So an individual can say anything about God. He gives an example of three disciples quarrelling over the exact colour of a chameleon. They had all seen the chameleon changing his colours, so they could not agree.

Now to see God with a form is very difficult to explain, every one argues and disagrees. Swamiji came from a family where they worshipped God as formless. In his search for truth, he experienced God speaking with him in English and Hindi. God was instructing and guiding him. So he started meditating on God with a form and the form was of Sri Ganesha. Swamiji started his meditation with sakar upasana (God with a form). Ganesha came to him in a vision and he said, “Satyanananda, you have just given me names, now watch and see my maya, my miracles.”

I have never had any doubt about the Gods with their form. Whenever I see the deities either in a picture or a statue, they are utterly real. The lion, Mother has, the cobras Shiva has, Hanuman carrying a mountain on his palm, Krishna opening his mouth and showing his mother the universe hold me humbled and tongue tied.

Aim Hrim Klim


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