148 – Ajna Chakra and the elements

We have worked on the five elements, and we have been consistent and dedicated in our sadhana. When our five elements and our chakras are balanced, ajna chakra the command centre is in control of our responses and reactions. We have ceased the battle with our contrariness and inconsistencies. The ajna chakra is the centre for our past, present and future memories.

We are able to address the issues in our lives in a rational manner. We are not perfect mortals now but we do not get enraged with the irritants in our day to day dealings. I remember when I was in college, my friend and I were walking to our class, which was held in the university. It had rained heavily and we were walking very carefully to avoid the puddles. A car full of boys, drove very fast, past us and intentionally went through the largest puddles. They were blowing the horn and whistling. We were drenched, I was mad at them, showed my fist and said something very rude. My friend on the other hand said “It does not matter, the water was only rain water and there was no cow dung in it.” We both started laughing and forgot about it. Of course, since I lived in the hostel, I had to go back and change my clothes.

So you see how it is possible to look at a situation, laugh at it and not to hold on to it. But I was very careful after that and stayed far from puddles in the university. My friend on the other hand had got married very young at eighteen, and had gone to live in England. She had not finished school. On reaching England she learnt that her husband was already married. She came back to India, heart broken and resumed her studies. However she was not bitter about it. All this happened before I knew about Yoga and sadhana. We were nineteen years old, and our main interest was to attend our classes, have boyfriends and catch international films.

The practice on ajna chakra

Coming back to our ajna chakra which is just behind our eyebrow centre, there is a powerful practice called Chidakasha Dharana for it. It is to look inwards at the screen in front of our closed eyes. All we have to do is first visualize our breath flowing in and out of our nostrils, practicing triangular breathing. Do this 54 times, counting your breath backwards and using the mantra Aum. Then look inwards at the screen, which is the chidakasha in front of your closed eyes. Gaze deeply and undistractedly. You may see colours, thoughts, feelings and events. No engagement. After ten minutes, again practice triangular breathing 54 times, making no error with Aum chanting. The triangular breathing is called trikuti sadhana because your left and right nostrils are unblocked (ida and pingala nadi are flowing) and the sushumna nadi is flowing. Both ida and pingala are meeting at the ajna chakra like a triangle and the sushumna nadi is flowing. The seat of the mind is ajna chakra at trikuti.

The ajna chakra gives you spiritual guidance and connection to the almighty.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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