167 – Happy Valentine’s Day, Universe

We are celebrating Valentine’s all over the world. How many valentines has s/he got and how many have I got. Have I sent one to my beloved or the current beloved? What gifts have I received and what gifts have I sent. I hope I have not forgotten and so on our thoughts are playing in our heads.

The symbol of the valentine is the heart. Let us speak about our own hearts. Our hearts are the universe and the creative principle. The intellect is the destructive principle. We are close to family and friends through our hearts. If we are close to someone through our intellect it is for personal gain. Our hearts are free of greed, and they can sacrifice and be selfless.

Who is selfless?

Our parents, our gurus and our God, because they function from the level of the heart. So we want to connect to God, we do not connect through our brain but through our heart. We feel God through our feelings. We cannot understand him through our comprehension.

How to describe our feelings?

They are an emotional state. They are described as tenderness, passion, affection, solicitude, and care. Feelings are expressed only through our heart. Our negative feelings are hatred, anger, jealousy and disgust, to describe a few. We cannot see them but we can feel them. These feelings are called Bhava and it is an attitude of the heart. In order to be aware of atma bhava (love for all), and love for God, we have to understand that God is the centre of the universe, and the universe is our heart. We see God through the heart. He is within the heart and he can never be seen without the ardour of the heart. God and the universe are identical.

Please give God the biggest Valentine, he is the inner soul of your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

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