206 – How to chase your blues away?

When you are far away from your home and you are on your own, you may feel alone and homesick. I remember when I came to Yoga Vidya for the first time, I was enchanted as it was like being in a wonderfully quiet and beautiful place. I had come alone and I was going to teach a new subject, Prana Healing. I was nervous though I had been teaching for many years and had worked in challenging situations.

My students all looked super smart and accomplished and I was afraid that I would not be able to accomplish what I had set out to do. I prayed to my Guru and sought his blessings. I was in a foreign country and I did not want to let down my Guru. Well, I was accepted by my students who were receptive and kind. However there was a niggling feeling and that feeling was that I missed my home. I missed hearing my language. I found a solution and that was listening to the chants every morning. It transformed me and that was my cure. Also attending Satsang and participating in the daily program enabled me to become free of homesickness.

I have come across many persons who are not born in the country of their residence. They are very isolated and the reason is that they are renouncing their earlier way of life. We are all on a yogic path but we can incorporate our faith in the sadhana. Our goal is spiritual elevation and this is possible only through our detachment. No faith encourages or enables evil and harmful practices. Once we accept this, we are able to live in a different culture as we learn tolerance and empathy. By rejecting our earlier life, we are denying our values and influences of our childhood. We must embrace the present and combine it with our past.

When I visited Bad Meinberg for the first time, I felt I had come home. It was so comforting. I weep every time I leave and I cannot explain this sentiment.

Swamiji has addressed the subject of attending Satsang. He said, Satsang is the surest cure for the dire disease of loneliness. Even in the midst of thousands of people, there are people who feel lonely. So sit alone and think of God. Make him your best friend and talk to him mentally. To make you smile.

Lewis Carroll wrote, “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Aim Hrim Klim


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