211 – Wisdom from the Guru

I am always overawed when I read what Swamiji has said. There is new inspiration every time and I learn something amulya (priceless). It is contemporary even after five decades.

He went on a world trip in 1968 and gave lectures on Yoga. Whatever he spoke then, is relevant today and the explanations are so powerful that one understands clearly. People flocked to hear this man, who had a shaved head and wore two strips of orange cloth. They all had questions and the best part was that when one question was answered, it satisfied them all.

He was asked what did he mean when he said that he taught people how to live? His answer was man does not live by bread alone, but he lives in his mind. When his mind is peaceful, he is also at peace with his surroundings, but if his mind is disturbed and he is suffering from thought exhaustion, then he is miserable. He said that one has to live in the inner being.

What’s the right practice?

The next question was what kind of yoga should one practice? He replied that if the right practices were given and performed with the right attitude, then one would feel comfortable. Many of us do no physical exercise, and our body requires it. The correct asana will induce a sense of wellbeing, when done with breathing and awareness. There is no mechanicalness in the pose. When we perform the asana, keeping the three points (awareness, breathing and detachment) in our mind, it leads to relaxation and harmony. If practiced in a distracted manner, it leads to physical imbalance and discomfort. When we practice meditation, if we start feeling dizzy and sleepy, we are practicing incorrectly. In order to be able to practice meditation, one has to learn from a teacher.

It is not possible to jump into the practice of meditation. Tiny steps are taken and daily sadhana must be done. Breath awareness is a start. No pressure, just awareness of the inhalation and exhalation. Ten minutes only. You will see the change.

Aim Hrim Klim

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