392 – Strength and weakness


These are words used by us freely and frankly. If one is fearless, then is one wise. We pray to be fearless, yet we need to be reminded that we must also gain wisdom.

Who teaches us to be wise?

I have written about fear and wisdom before. Today I want to share with you an experience which we underwent. We have two outside cats. They are mother and son. The son was a handsome fellow and he never left his mum’s side. When she had her kittens, he would be with her and the kittens would play with him. He was born on our balcony and had not learnt how to jump or climb a tree. My husband taught him how to climb a tree and jump into our balcony. He always needed a little push.

He was much loved by all the security people and drivers in our complex. They shared their lunch with him and he was a big fellow. He thought that the world was at his paws and would cross the drive without looking left or right. Two days ago, he got hit by our neighbor’s car and his spine broke. He died the next day. His mother is weeping her heart out. She comes to every window and is inconsolable.

The non-violent cat

Everyone commiserated about his passing because he was a non-violent cat. Never caught a bird, they would swoop and fly over his head, when he was asleep. He did catch an occasional mouse to let us know that he was a mouser. He only ate Meow and a bowl of milk daily. I work in my dining room, and both of them would sit gazing at me from outside.

We tried to teach him self-protection, but he was so confident that others would look out for him. He ambled on the drive.

Take your lesson from this. He led a happy life, gave joy to everyone, was a good son, who protected his brothers and sisters and mum. Our hearts are broken.

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Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Abeer Zaki on Unsplash

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