238 – Goodbye Exclusion, Hallo Inclusion

We are getting back to a normal life after two years of enforced isolation. How have we coped in the last two years. If we conducted a self-examination, what would we discover about ourselves.

Let us pose these questions to ourselves.

Have we become bitter about life or have we become tolerant about life and ourselves?

Are we ready to accept ourselves as we are or are we nit-picking?

How did Covid affect us? Did we lose our jobs? Have we remained unemployed? Have we found that losing our job was the best thing that could have happened to us as we discovered new avenues? Have we resented being excluded from life, not realizing it was for our safety?

Are we enjoying better health as we are eating better? Have we started an exercise regimen and are we cooking our own food?

Have we stepped out of a relationship, which fettered us and now we are free? Are we in a new relationship?

Have we got a new pet? Have we abandoned that pet, once we went back to our jobs?

Have we thought about the people who have suffered from Covid and the number of persons who have passed away from it?

Have we considered meditating or praying for those who have undergone trauma and pain in this time? Or have we thought to ourselves, better them than me. Covid has played havoc in the world.

Let us welcome liberation and inclusion.

We have changed our life-style. We are more enthusiastic about life and have learnt to unmask our genuine and positive feelings. We may still wear our masks, but we can be empathetic and balanced in our relationships. None of us knows what hand life can deal to us. Many of us are learning to manage our thoughts in an easy mini-Yogic meditation.

Just count your breath, backwards from 54 to 0. Visualise the breath going in through the nostrils and coming out of the nostrils. Count 54 in when you inhale, and 54 out when you exhale. No errors, or start again. Prolong the exhalation to the count of 10 gradually.

Practice for two weeks and observe the change in yourselves.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Mayank Baranwal on Unsplash

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