253 – Why am I unhappy?

What can be the answer for my unhappiness? Is it my wrong attitude about my life in general? Is it about my kids? Is it about my childhood? Is it about my relationships, my job or my behavior? Am I too humble, too arrogant, or do I feel that I am too superior or inferior?

You have to keep asking yourself these questions. Looking at the reflection in the mirror will not give you a reply. You have to understand your personality in all its aspects. Dissatisfaction can stem from various issues. One may have an illness which scars one physically and therefore one feels ugly and sad. One may have an abundance of wealth and still feel isolated and needy.

In order to solve one’s problem, one has to develop one’s personality and how is it possible to do so? Yoga offers a solution. There are different methods for different kinds of stress and unhappiness. All four yogas, karma, raja, jnana and bhakti have to be practiced. Karma Yoga means working to the best of one’s ability, and feeling a deep seated contentment after accomplishing the task. The attitude is to work for the sake of work with commitment and enjoyment and no reward. In karma yoga, one’s focus shifts on the task on hand. One is absorbed in performing it.

Profits of yoga practice

The practice of Raja yoga enables one to have good general health and this means that the practice of asanas and pranayama lead to the balance of prana (the subtle breath), which enables one to be relaxed. Through the practice of Karma Yoga (selfless service), one exhausts one’s desires and frustrations. Through the sadhana of Jnana Yoga (meditation), one is able to still the mind and reduce one’s distress. Bhakti Yoga sadhana floods one’s heart with love and devotion for a higher being and one learns to love oneself and love others.

The best part of daily, Yogic Sadhana is that one’s awareness and detachment develop and leads one to self-acceptance and removal of unhappiness.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

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