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Who is Ganesha’s mom, and who is his big sister? The festival of Ganesha Chaturthi is this year on the 31st of August. First let us understand who is who in the first family of the Gods. It is believed that Gauri is Ganesha’s sister, and she comes to visit him. Her arrival is celebrated with joy and happiness. As Gauri represents health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

Who is Gauri?

She is an incarnation of Parvati. In the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi, it is believed two sisters come in the form of Gauri. They are known as Jyesta and Kanishta. Jyeshta Gauri comes in through the back door and Kanishta Gauri comes in through the front door. They visit every home where there is puja performed. They are also described as Lakshmi and Saraswati, children of Gauri. They are placed on either side of Ganesha.

Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated because Shiva recreated Ganesha with an elephant head as the elephant is considered to be the wisest animal. Shiva had felt that Parvati had created a boy who was too beautiful for the universe. Therefore Shiva gave him an elephant head and the elephant was granted moksha. Also Ganesha removes all obstacles in life and therefore we pray first to him.

What are the lessons to learn from Ganesha?

Praying to Ganesha, before starting any task, ensures success. It is not an instant result but are genuineness and devotion reward us. We are all in a hurry to attain success and we look for shortcuts. These shortcuts do not lead to success but leave us with a sense of failure. We have to be dedicated and sincere to be effective.

How can we celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi?
We can recite 108 salutations to Ganesha.

What food should we eat on Ganesha Chaturthi?
Bananas and puffed rice ladoos.
Recipe for puffed rice ladoos. 250 grams of puffed rice. Brown sugar or jaggery powder, 500 gms, add water to make a thick syrup until it is two thread consistency. Mix the puffed rice quickly into the mixture. Let it cool. Apply some oil to hands and make balls. Cool and serve.
Red, green and yellow are Ganesha’s favorite colors.

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