349 – Our dormant potential

How do we awaken our potential? One of the major tools is Yoga, which unfolds our different levels of awareness, which are buried deep in our unconscious. Each one of us is blessed with it. We have to learn to awaken it and harness it. It then turns into prana and from there into power and vidya (knowledge).

How do we begin? We become observers of all our actions. Sometimes we become aware of ourselves, it happens in a moment of revelation which is called Sphota (opening like a bud). We become aware of everything that is happening to us at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Therefore we become sensitive to the needs of others. We develop empathy and compassion. We are freed from the bondage of our thoughts. Our abilities and faculties express themselves.

What are the steps to take?

  1. Breath awareness. Visualize the breath flowing in through one nostril and coming out of the other. Repeat the pattern with the right nostril. It is one round when you have visualized the breath going in and out from left and right nostril. Practice four rounds and then one round of visualizing the breath going in and out from both nostrils. It is five rounds and that is one set. Practice 20 sets.
  2. Practice Trataka. Light a candle at eye level, one foot away from your eyes. Gaze at it until you have to blink. Then with shut eyes, visualize the flame in the eyebrow center. When it disappears open your eyes and stare at the flame. Twenty minutes. Trataka is an individual meditation practice. It is very effective for the cure of insomnia, migraine, stress and chasing away nightmares. Can also be taught to children, who suffer from ADD, hyper activity, bad dreams and enuresis.
  3. Visualization. The practice is called Chidakash Dharana. The Chidakash is the space behind the eyebrow center. Here visualize the symbol Aum, star, or a lotus. You can select your own symbol. Stay with it, watch it and see what comes on the screen of the chidakasha. Absolutely no engagement. You are a witness.

Be patient with the sadhana and see the change in yourself. Even one of these will enable you to develop awareness and your latent potential.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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