351 – Guru’s moulding of a disciple

What happens when we have a Guru? S/He creates a situation, where one is free to confront the different aspects of life. If one can go through these phases, then the sun will continue to shine on one. The Guru creates a net of maya (illusions).

S/he can cover the sun with dark clouds and one’s disposition becomes depressed and bitter. Then there is torrential rain, however the clouds do not cover the sky all the time. One’s Guru develops our awareness and removes the net of maya and ego from one’s nature. One’s Guru is ruthless with her/his concern and love for one. One is tested and when one becomes non-reactive, one’s Guru has enabled one to conquer one’s ego.

Osho said that the guru is not a teacher: the guru is an awakener. He is a giver of methods which help one out of one’s sleep. He is a disturber of dreams, and he destroys one’s false identity. A guru performs spiritual surgery when one surrenders oneself to him.

Aim Hrim Klim


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