352 – Why is the two a mystical number?

Two are required to have a relationship. Without two, there is no love, no longing, and no union. Without another, the self is meaningless. For sat (truth) to be understood there is then no need of maya (illusion). If one’s soul is to be still, it is only possible if there is restlessness.

Who is the Goddess Maya?

She is the incarnation of all delusions. She is Shakti, the seed and fount of energy. She is Adi, fundamental, the source, before history and immeasurable as the soul. Depending on one’s judgement she can be visualized as wild or fearsome as Kali or as gentle and affectionate as Gauri. She is the universe from which Shiva secured himself from. Only she could awaken passionate love in his heart and open his eyes to material attachments and worldly life.

Now love connects the divine self with the divine outside. Yearning and union will justify all life. Adi-Maya-Shakti is the bride and the warrior. She consolidates a home, provides pleasure, provides children, and offers food. She has two forms, the benign and the fierce one who rides into battle to defend truth and destroy evil. She tames and rides the lion, the king of the jungle with unbound hair.

An ancient quote, “Where there is love there is Shakti and where there is Shiva, there is Shakti“.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Womanizer Toys on Unsplash

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