374 – Seek yourself

Like a bird I flew, seeing the beauty of the Paradise created by you.
I looked to see if I could find you in the pollen of every flower
In the current of every river and in the waves of the oceans.
I listened to the words of sages saying “The one you seek is within you”,
But I thought, “How could he who has created the whole universe be within me”?
And disbelieving I kept on flying as I was about to give up thinking it was all just a fantasy
I came to a place where all the waters of the oceans met and all the winds were calm
Where time lost its motion and my wings lost their power
Then I found myself back upon the earth with a message ringing in my heart:
“The One you search for outside is the real You.
To see him, look at your own Self!
A new dawn broke as again I flew no longer to search, but to tell others
Of his eyes like the sun and moon,
Of his voice like solemn thunder,
Of his warmth and caress that had transformed me and lifted me up
Once more to fly in the infinite sky!

Swami Niranajananda Saraswati

How do we find our true selves? It is possible when we learn to make compassion a way of our life. How do we make compassion a way of our life? It is possible if we are non-judgmental. How do we become non-judgmental? It is possible if we practice Atmabhava. What is Atmabhava? Atmabhava is that we look upon everyone as we look upon ourselves.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

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