723 – Liberation / Freedom

What does it mean to be liberated? When we speak about liberation, we think of freedom from tradition and escape from conservative ideas. I have been thinking about this word my dear ones, and my understanding of it is to be free from fear. Continue reading

360 – Retaliation and its effect in our daily life

When does one retaliate or does one never seek retribution? I am having a daily crisis in my life and I just am not able to handle it. I have two cats which live in my balcony. They are mother and son and are non-violent. They have never caught a bird or mouse. Even the birds skim over the boy’s head when he is asleep. It is a miracle as they have been born and raised in our balcony. Continue reading

309 – Us and our Gurus

We idolize our mentors and think of them as God. They are human and have come in the form of man. I had a conversation with Rishi Sukadev and he pointed out to me that even a murderer had a soul and there was goodness within him. I had said that I could never talk to a murderer or a rapist. After he said this, I thought deeply about it. Continue reading

272 – A day spent doing nothing

There was a terrible storm and winds blew at 102 kilometers an hour. We have not experienced anything like this before. Solar panels were flying, trees fell and roads were blocked because of the flying trees. We live in a very leafy neighborhood and to see the destruction was terrible. Luckily not many people got hurt but cars were damaged as trees fell on them and flying tin sheets were everywhere in the shanties. The tin sheets are used as roofs by the shops and the poor. Continue reading

255 – Slowly, Friend Slowly

Slowly friend,
Slowly, slowly.
Come to the house where I live.
None is the way
And no light to guide you
Inside or outside, only darkness,
Full of faults from the ages past.
Come to the house where I live.
Walk in the border of darkness,
Autumn, spring, summer, and winter.
You have caught hold of the robe,
Awaken the truth.

Slowly, slowly.
Come to the house where I live.
Many are the pitfalls along the way.
Many are the difficulties that you will face.
Blind darkness envelopes you on every side.
Come to the house
Slowly, slowly.
Gone are the sins of the past.
With free and fearless mind
Become the flower of humanity.
Throw your petals of light
To all those need, but
Slowly, slowly.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash

251 – What kind of lifestyle am I seeking?

  1. Non-violence, the practice of ahimsa will lead to a flow of compassion in us.
  2. Truthfulness, the virtue of Satya will lead to love of mankind.
  3. Non-possessiveness, the quality of aparigraha will create a sense of innocence and simplicity.
  4. Atmabhava, love of our fellow humans without prejudice.
  5. Love, serve, give.

Continue reading