396 – A bunch of keys for you

In this days and age of virtual keys, Yoga is upfront with its invisible keys.

Key to unlock the psychic sound. What is the psychic sound? It is the sound of Aum and the first sound which was created. How do we utilize the mantra to unleash our prana? Our prana is within us, but this key enables us to purify and glorify our prana.

Close your eyes. Become aware of your breath. Go through the sadhana of ujjayi and khechari mudra. Counting is essential and no errors. Now add the mantra So Ham to the Sadhana. Three steps must be followed.

Step 1. Visualize the prana in your breath.

Step 2. Practice ujjayi and khechari and So Ham. So with inhalation and Ham with exhalation.

Step 3. No errors to be made in the counting.

Do this for forty-five minutes daily.

If we could do this twenty-four by seven, we would attain enlightenment. Alas we live in this world and we are humans trapped in Maya. Nevertheless, you are balancing your prana and you are engaged in self-transforming.

Aim Hrim Klim

Picture by carmen6969 auf Pixabay

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