395 – Key to unblock your prana

How do I unblock my prana and enable it to flow and gift myself a life of wellbeing? There are five keys, I am going to give you a key in each blog. The magical part is that one key can open all the blocks. There is an impediment and I will come to it.

First key is the psychic breath. We breathe all the time; nothing is possible without respiration. The breath is with us, closer than anyone else and leaves us only when our prana has left our breath. How do we handle our psychic breath? It is the subtle breath within our breath.

Turn the key, and now become aware of your breath. Breathe in and out in your normal, spontaneous way.

  1. Practice to the count of 54, count backwards and make no errors.
  2. Become aware of the prana in your breath and again count backwards, visualizing the prana in your breath, while inhaling. Practice 54 times, always counting backwards. Also include khechari mudra. Khechari Mudra in its simplest form is turning the tongue inwards in the mouth like a roll. It helps in spiritual growth and heals the chakras. It activates the visshudhi and lalan chakra. It keeps the mouth moist.
  3. Practice Ujjayi pranayama with Khechari mudra. Ujjayi means victory over breath. The sound of ujjayi is like a baby snoring (soft sound) or like a puppy or a kitten snoring. Contract your throat when inhaling, pause and then exhaling release the contraction. No effort, make sure about that. Your throat must be relaxed. Practice 54 times, again backwards counting.

What happens here?

Ujjayi works on your visshudhi chakra (throat center) and the lallan chakra (located at the back of the mouth). When the visshudhi chakra is activated, the lallan chakra which collects the amrit from Bindu, is purified.

Now is it possible to perform this sadhana 24/7. Only if we did nothing else. This sadhana can unblock our prana, even if we diligently practice daily.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash

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