413 – How can I become a Brahmachari?

What is Brahmacharya? Is it possible to practice it? The meaning is to search for Brahman. Brahman is everywhere and can be found by connecting with one’s inner self. This self-realization is only possible with complete control in thought, word, and action of all the senses 24/7. An individual practicing Brahmacharya is free of all desires and passions.

How is this accomplished?

The palate and one’s senses must be controlled. One must close one’s eyes when one sees anything unclean. When one walks, eyes must be downcast, and not wandering. One should be aware of the fragrance of wet earth and not synthetic fragrances. One should keep one’s mind and hands busy with chanting, writing, and reading, when one is awake.

Fasting is also essential. Company must be of persons who are like minded. Prayers are an essential part of the practice. Nuts, fruits and vegetables must be partaken. Milk taken creates desires. Simple diet curbs one’s appetite. One’s thoughts become cleansed as appetites are reduced and the day is spent in karma yoga and chanting Rama Nama. The sense objects turn away from an abstemious soul, and the taste and craving disappear, according to the Mahatma.

The last part of the Brahmacharya can be very hard, and Swami Sivananda said that one should see Mother Kali in all women. Cultivate divine and sublime thoughts. Do japa and meditation regularly. These steps will establish one in Brahmacharya.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Iga Palacz on Unsplash

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