413 – How can I become a Brahmachari?

What is Brahmacharya? Is it possible to practice it? The meaning is to search for Brahman. Brahman is everywhere and can be found by connecting with one’s inner self. This self-realization is only possible with complete control in thought, word, and action of all the senses 24/7. An individual practicing Brahmacharya is free of all desires and passions. Continue reading

140 – Fragrance, flavour and memories

Walk along memory lane and think of all the flavours and fragrances you have experienced. Each of the sensations of piquancy and poignancy are perceived in your nose, mouth, and throat. The citrus fruits from the family Rutaceae are also known as the rue family and contain flowering plants that have a strong scent. These fruits have been cultivated since ancient times. Continue reading