423 – Lotus, the favourite flower of Gods

The lotus is the most powerful symbol of spirituality, beauty, fertility and prosperity. According to Hinduism within each of us is the spirit of the lotus. It is the Anahata chakra or Hrit Padma (heart-lotus), which is the gateway to our soul. The Anahata chakra is described as blue.

There is a beautiful story attached to the lotus. Rama, while performing the Puja to Durga Ma, had to offer a garland of 108 blue lotuses to her. He had to travel far and wide to find them. He was one short and he attempted to pluck out his eye to add to the 107. He was going to Lanka to rescue Sita and was running out of time. Durga Ma was so pleased with him, that she immediately stopped him and blessed him for success over Ravana.

The colours of lotus

Different coloured lotuses are associated with deities. The red lotus is offered to Parvati. Red lotus is associated with love and compassion. Lakshmi sits on a pink lotus, so pink lotuses are presented to her. Pink represents beauty, fertility, prosperity and eternity. Saraswati sits on a white lotus and white lotuses are proffered to her. White lotuses are associated with spiritual purity and enlightenment. Red lotuses are dear to Devi in any form.

In the Bhagwat Gita, mankind is asked to be like a lotus. They should work without attachment, dedicating all their activities to God. Untouched by sin like the clear water on a lotus leaf, and emerging from the murky water like a beautiful flower.

Another story is about the creation of the lotus. The lotus arose from the navel of God, Vishnu and at the centre of the flower sat Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the protector) and Shiva (the destroyer). The lotus which emerged is described as a lotus with hues of red and pink.

Virtually every God is portrayed as sitting or standing on a lotus flower and often holding a lotus. The lotus flowers which serve as their seat signify their divinity and purity and the pose is called Padma asana. The lotus grows in mud (tamas), it emerges from the water (rajas) and rises above the water (sattva), unfurling its petals to the sunlight.

“Visualize within yourself a lotus, centred right within your heart.” See your heart as a lotus. In the center of the lotus see a light and this light is your atman, your soul. It is unflickering and is the emanation of your inner being.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Zhou Hong on Unsplash

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