438 – Light and fragrance

Each mantra has its own fragrance. Those who chant AUM have known a certain fragrance. Similarly, each mantra has its own light. The light in a temple is not decided by external light but by inner light. Many of us sit drenched in brilliant lights and heavy fragrances and imagine that we are meditating.

However inner radiance is required and what is needed is a gentle glow. Therefore, a lamp lit by ghee was used. It was bright and did not dazzle the eyes. Sesame oil, mustard oil and coconut oil are also used. If kerosene lamps are lit in the temple or at the altar, after a while the eyes will burn. One can conduct an experiment. Meditate with a kerosene light and one will see the effect. Using a oil lamp will be soothing and calming to the eyes. How does one know this? It is the inner experience of all our ancestors.

Which oil to use

According Vastu Shastra, the oil or ghee used in the lamp is the negativity in one’s mind. The wick signifies the Atma or soul. By lighting the lamp, one dispels negativity and enables positive thoughts to enter. Other oils and their benefits. Sesame oil is used to nullify the adverse effects in one’s life. It is also used for puja and rituals. Mustard oil is used for eliminating the flaws in one’s astrological chart and it frees the home of disease. Coconut oil is used to please Ganesha. The oil used is also related to what is available in one’s city or province.

Fragrances also play an important role. Sandalwood paste became the favorite in all temples. The Sandalwood paste is applied on the middle of the forehead, behind which is the ajna chakra. The practice of certain mantras releases the inner experience of the smell of sandalwood. It is known as the awakening of the ajna chakra.

When one closes one’s eyes and seeks to meditate, one is desirous of quietening one’s mind. The aim is to quell the thoughts which influence one’s feelings of anger and bitterness.

How does one go about this?

Light a lamp. Chant Aum seven times. Gaze at the flame for as long as possible without blinking. When the urge comes to blink close eyes. Try to see the flame in the middles of the eyebrow center. When it disappears, open eyes and gaze at the flame again. Practice for twenty minutes, early in the morning with only the lamp light. You can light an incense stick or add some pure fragrant oil to the one you are using. If you have a mantra, please chant it, or use AUM. End practice by chanting Aum seven times.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Ritabrata Das on Unsplash

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