492 – The Prana Package

Look, talk and walk is what one does. Except one is self-centered and therefore selfish. Only one is visible and everyone else is invisible.

Self-absorption is a very exacting habit. One is only thinking about oneself. While walking, one is engrossed with oneself, while speaking one is hearing only oneself and when it comes to looking, one is indulging in ogling oneself.

Pause now, look. What do you see? You may see many things, but you have ignored them. Observe the people around you, gaze at the trees, and other plants. Do not make them unseen. While walking, you may see petals on a leaf. An ant crossing your path, or a bird singing its song. There are so many things that you can observe and enjoy the pleasure of their unsung beauty. Look at a wo/man wearing a color, appreciate that color, do not dismiss it. Please do not check yourself out.

Silence is powerful

Talk, but listen to what others are saying. Be involved with what they are speaking about. Do not be dismissive and you will be astonished at the wisdom they have. One shuts oneself completely by listening to one’s cellphone. Instead keep a cell fast, ignore the mobile for one day. Be invigorated with the different sounds around on. Silence is a powerful force; it charges one with prana.

Walk, breathe and chant. Do not have your thoughts accompanying you. You will be surprised how great you feel.

Awaken your prana, inhale to the count of five, pause to the count of five, exhale to the count of five, pause outside without breathing to the count of five. Practice daily eleven times, and see the difference. Use a mantra like So Ham or Aum.

Enjoy, looking, talking and walking. They come in a Prana package.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

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