385 – Pratyahara

This sadhana to bring you closer to the Supreme Goddess.

What is pratyahara? It is described as withdrawal of one’s senses. The maximum dissipation happens when one is involved with everything that is happening around one. One’s eyes are gazing at some object or happening, the ears are listening, there may be a smell, a sense of lingering taste and lastly the sense of touch. Continue reading

300 – Am I kidding myself?

Do I tell myself everyday these things? I have to take care of my family. I have to go to work. I have to keep my boss pleased. I do not have time for my practice. I am overwhelmed by my life. I am even dreaming about the stress I have. Why do I let these thoughts crowd in my mind, they are kidding me. Continue reading

005 – Skin breath

Breathe through the pores of your skin and remember that the skin covers our entire body. Focus on the in going breath, entering the pores and then the cells. Each and every cell is being nourished by the prana in the breath. A deep exhalation and visualise the toxins and carbon-dioxide being being expelled through the cells, and then through the pores.
Practice 54 times and the counting has to start backwards. No errors otherwise you start again.
Feel the change in yourself.