502 – Bolt and Pin

Bolt your doors, remember the pin (code, key) and you will be safe. We have pins and passwords for all our activities. Without the pin we cannot function. There are hackers, who can hack into our accounts. We are afraid that we can have our password broken and it would wreak havoc in our lives.

We have the Devimahatmyam, which is 700 verses dedicated to the Goddess. It is a very powerful prayer and we read and chant it to overcome our distress. Reading the Devimahatmyam, without expectations, gives us strength and peace of mind. This in turn changes us. What many of us do not understand is that it purifies our hearts. We overcome our tamas and rajas gunas and become sattvic. We purge ourselves of vices and negativity and then we are given what we want. And this is the love of the Mother, which encompasses us like an aura.

The Argalastrotam (hymn to the bolt) is a series of strotra which are praising the goddess and then begging for assistance. The reciter is asking for victory over the deluding power of maya.

The Kilakastrotra of Devimahatmyam reveals all. It holds the pin in place and keeps the power of the Devimahatmyam under lock and key.

The meaning of the Argalastrotam and Kilakastrotra are very complex. Only when one is on a spiritual path then the true meaning is revealed.

Destruction of enemies

In Verse 8, it is said that he gives devotion, and he receives, followed by “in no other way is she pleased. “The meaning is that only by self-surrender in complete devotion can the devotee be receptive to the grace of the goddess. It also refers to the slaying of the ego, which blocks one’s grace. When referring to destruction of enemies it means that the inner demons, ignorance of the ego, evil tendencies are curbed.

Also, it says that no magic spells are to be used for destruction of enemies. Spiritual advancement means mental eradication of internal forces that obstruct right knowledge. Power refers to not over others but over one’s lower self. The goddess will always come to those who remember her, and she dwells in the heart of a genuine person. The secret is the key, which is dedication of heart and mind.

The hymns of the Bolt and Pin refer to our obstacles and despair. These troubles are only eliminated when we overcome our ego and self-surrender. Our objective is not to ask for any boon, or a curse for our enemies. We are seeking humility, compassion and a strong moral compass. We are replete with devotion.

We have no fear of losing the pins to our bolts.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Yahor Urbanovich on Unsplash

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